The Journey Begins

The Journey Begins

I can’t remember when exactly did my passion for cake decorating start, but what I do recall is having a lot of time and being stuck at home with an illness that no Dr could explain that started during my teenage and just kept getting worse.
I started baking every night when the rest of my family was sleeping. The smell of baking in the house filled my heart with happiness and helped me soothe my irritation.
Baking was the only thing that brought me joy at that time, I bought all the baking recipe books I could find. They were all full of beautiful pictures and it made me want to learn food photography too, so I baked and waited until the morning to get some sunlight to take some pictures.
Sharing the best results on social media, people around me started asking for orders and requesting my recipes.
My mother has always supported my baking so did my sisters, but mostly my sister Sarah who is still my right-hand helper and my backbone.
My husband also helped me develop my skills to become professional and encouraged me to take classes and invest in professional kitchen tools.
In this blog, I will try to share the juice of the past four years and the real stories behind all of my cake designs.
Thanks for joining me, hope you have a fun ride!

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