How Qatar’s blockade Made my cakes better

How Qatar’s blockade Made my cakes better

When I started my cake business I had to set standards, recipes had to be the same and the ingredients had to be available in the region around Qatar.

We had to try most of the brands available to find out which one gave us the best result and then stocked up on it each month.

We used Emarati Eggs, Saudi vegetable oil, and vegetable butter too. Thick cream for the ganache and fresh milk for the baking that was the hardest part.

Switching to local products or products that were imported from England or France or Iran changed everything in the final product.

The cream from France was runnier but the flavor was better, the local eggs were smaller and the yolks were lighter it resulted in a change in the cake texture, it became more crumbly and so we had to refine our recipes again to fit with the new ingredients.

The next problem was the pricing, the products were so much higher in price that it was double and triple the price of the ones that we used before the blockade which meant we had to adjust the product price as well.

I had to also pay attention to the customer’s feedback about the cake texture and taste to know if our adjustment was in the right place.

I honestly think that the new ingredients are better than the old ones and the flavor of my cream and cakes were never better, I receive tons of compliments from customers all the time as well as my family and I who enjoy every last bit of the cakes cutoffs and leftovers.

Bottom line here, invest in your ingredients and you will get the best results but also know that not all expensive products are good so ALWAYS read the labels!

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