Pinterest Eid Cookies Edible Prints

Pinterest Eid Cookies Edible Prints

So here is the end result of my eid cookie collection for 2018

We have made almond raw sugar cookies instead of the usual sugar cookies for a healthier and tastier cookie version.

I have been struggling with cookies until I finally did the first batch for a store opening as they ordered 600 cookies with the brand logo on top, and I made that with fondant but I couldn’t eat any of it because of how sweet it was.

It was honestly too sweet for my taste and anyone in my family too, so we came up with the idea of making healthier low sugar cookies for eid. Instead of sticking the design on top of the fondant layer, this time I used Belgium white chocolate which tasted better and was a lot less sweet.

For orders and inquiries please send me an e-mail to me at and I will respond to it ASAP

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