Cake pricing! Let’s talk business

Cake pricing! Let’s talk business

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Don’t kill your love for cake decorating by the wrong pricing

When I first started baking for money it was very difficult to price my work, I suddenly went from baking with whatever I have at home to creating recipes and quality control, measuring and calculating, trying and testing. These were the most difficult starting steps then came packaging, wrapping, and delivering.

Getting those things sorted kept me up all night and what I never expected was the prices of the cake boxes, cake boards, and the craft tools I need to stock on just to be able to pack those cakes.

I have learned a lot from Michelle and her Business Of Baking blog, I have also taken her online class and it changed my life!

Read her blog here Cake pricing article

The constant struggle of doing what you love as a job is that you often feel bad for charging people money but you also need to make enough money to cover your basic expenses.
Being a cake designer doesn’t mean that you have nothing to do with my time so I decided to make cakes  you are just like any other employee with loads of responsibilities and bills to pay!

Here is another article by Michelle explaining that what goes around comes around, when you price your cakes properly you will be able to invest in your own dreams and achieve your lifelong goals.

You need to make enough profit to keep doing what you love.
pricing for a profit is the only way for you to keep doing what you love

So, next time you feel bad about pricing your cakes that some customers cantor won’t pay for it, just keep in mind that you are selling your time and hard earned experience as well as the ingredients of the product.
And the price you put on your time and effort should be enough to get you through each day’s expenses.

And if your business doesn’t pay your bills then you won’t be able to continue doing what you love.

With love and loads of good quality chocolate on your cake ❤

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