The power of pro-cam photography in cake business

The power of pro-cam photography in cake business

Cake photography is possibly the most important skill any cake designer should learn, through the years I have learned that good photography is the key to online marketing.

I know that what I’m about to say might seem outdated, but it is sooo true, mobile phone photography will never be as good as a pro-cam.

The power of a good photograph could help you in targeting the best customer segment for your business or appeal to the wrong customer segment, which means that you might end up spending your time talking to the wrong people.

Designer cakes are a luxury product, it should be represented in the best possible way using the best tools to appeal to the right group of people. Lets just say you walk by a store and find that they used low-quality images for their banners, you would immediately think that this shop is selling cheap stuff which will not appeal to you if you were seeking good quality and taste, but when you see a banner that it high definition, sleek and sharp, you immediately expect that this product is worth your while.


Those are some pictures I have taken using my pro-cam in daylight and I think they look so much better than the ones I have posted in a hurry on my social media accounts last week, just because I was so eager to share them made me skip on the whole camera export and editing step which I seriously regret right now.

So, learn from my mistakes, be patient and use a pro-cam to share your art because this is one of your best selling points.

I hope you have enjoyed reading this quick business tip for today, and until next post!

Keep sharing cake ❤

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