Round football (soccer) cake – Qatar

Round football (soccer) cake – Qatar

3d football cake made using a Wilton pan soccer ball pan, the cake is chocolate flavored and coated with Belgium milk chocolate ganache frosting.


instead of purchasing the 3D Wilton cake pan, I thought of a simple way to make a 3D Football cake mold:
1. Buy good quality aluminum foil
2. Buy a nerf sized football at the dollar store
3. Use lots of tin foil and mold half the football
4. Remove the football from the foil
Voila!! A football-shaped tin foil mold for baking half the football and then when done, bake the other half.
5. If you need to use long wooden skewers to make sure the two halves stay together then do so…just let everyone eating the cake know that they are in there!
*Place the football foil mold into a loaf pan for more support during baking*

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