Life changing chocolate cupcakes 🧁

Life changing chocolate cupcakes 🧁

Its been a while, I was hoping to activate my website more in 2020 but god had other plans for me.

My health required most of my attention as I was at the worst peak of an autoimmune disease (hopefully wont get worse) and my body was constantly crashing.

Now I’m definitely starting to feel better, good enough to start baking again more regularly and get back on my feet.

Its been a difficult year and I’m still not in the clear until at least my gut gets better. So I will take things slow and do what I can without pushing my limits

My dark chocolate cupcakes are to die for!

So when I got back to baking I managed to work a little bit more on my recipe and developed these amazing chocolate cupcakes.

They are not too sweet or too blan, they are just perfect 👌 the flavours just hit the right spot. The sliky smooth, melt in your mouth, ganache frosting made with the perfect blend of both milk chocolate and dark chocolate and whipping cream make it light and delicious.

If you want to give them a try, send me a WhatsApp message and book your order in advance. And I will make your dreams come true ♡

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